How to Light Your Pizza Oven
Step 1: Check Your Surrounding Area

Before lighting your oven, ensure it is positioned on a solid, level surface.

Check the wind direction to ensure that smoke and heat are dispersed away from seating areas, open windows etc. Remove any flammable materials from the immediate area or any items which could be damaged by sparks or cinders.

Step 2: Lighting Your Oven

To light your oven you will need a small amount of paper (old newspaper works well) and some kindling. This can be smaller pieces of seasoned or kiln-dried wood which you will use for fuel.

Avoid using any accellerants such as petrol or lighter fluid as this could impart unwanted flavours to your food.

Create a pyramid shaped structure at the rear of the oven by placing the smaller pieces of wood around the paper, then carefully ignite the paper with a lighter. As the fire takes hold, introduce more wood to the fire.

Once the fire is well esrtablished (usually after 10 minutes or so), add more wood to the fire and use a rake tool to push the fire to one side. Use the wood guard supplied to retain the fire in this position.

Step 3: Finding the Right Temperature

Temperature in the oven is regulated by the positioning of the door – the wider the opening, the more oxygen will reach the fire and the hotter it will burn. Find the position which will allow the oven to reach the desired temperature and monitor the temperature gauge until it reaches the appropriate level of heat for the dishes you wish to cook. Once the gauge reaches one of the following levels, your Pizza Oven is ready to use.

Your pizza oven can reach temperatures of 350°C in minutes and is capable of cooking a wide range of mouth watering dishes, from bread and puddings to roasts, vegetables, fish, pizza and BBQ food.

Use the specialised tools available from our Online Shop to place food in the oven and remove it following cooking.

Step 4: Maintaining Temperature

Continue to monitor both the temperature gauge and the fire throughout the cooking process and use the door to regulate temperature in the oven. As you use and grow more familiar with your pizza oven you will quickly learn where the optimum positions are to allow appropriate airflow into the oven.

You will also need to maintain the level of the fire as you cook by feeding more wood into the oven. As you do this you may need to adjust the position of the door to ensure the oven maintains optimum temperature.

Step 5: Extinguishing Your Pizza Oven

To turn off your and extinguish the fire, simply close the oven door completely and wait for the fire to burn itself out. After about 30 minutes the ash should be sufficiently cool to remove using the metal brush and pan.

Wood Recommendations

We recommend using seasoned or kiln-dried wood in your home pizza oven. Hardwood is preferable as this will give you the optimum heat levels and burn length. Avoid using treated wood, resin or scrap wood. The wood you use can impart undesirable flavours into your food – try olive wood, maple, chestnut or walut if you can get hold of it.

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